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Poulsbo Elementary Library

Welcome to the vibrant and inviting world of the Poulsbo Elementary Library, a bustling hub of knowledge and creativity for our eager young minds. This educational sanctuary, led by our dedicated Teacher Librarian, Kristin Hager, emphasizes inclusivity and intellectual curiosity. Open throughout the school week, the library offers a rich blend of resources—from a diverse collection of books tailored to the needs of students at all reading levels, to cutting-edge technology for research and assignments. This is all complemented by an enriched library program designed to foster a love for reading, cultivate information literacy, and facilitate seamless integration of technology into learning. At Poulsbo Elementary Library, every student finds a welcoming space to delve into the world of stories, discover new ideas, and embark on a lifelong journey of learning.

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Poulsbo Elementary School Library
18531 Noll Road NE
Poulsbo, WA 98370
(360) 396-3520

Kristin Hager
Library Media Specialist
(360) 396-3520