2022 Facilities & Tech Levy

Capital Levy

North Kitsap School District thanks the community for passing the EP&O levy renewal and capital levy renewal in the February 8, 2022, election. These measures will ensure that North Kitsap continues to be all-in for all students.

These levies are not new taxes but replace local education levies that expire in 2022.

Replacement Facilities and Technology Capital Projects Levy

The capital levy renewal continues funding for the health, safety, and upkeep of our school buildings, while also ensuring equitable access for all students.

Replacement Facilities and Technology Capital Projects Levy: this capital levy renewal continues funding for:

  • The health, comfort, safety, and security of our schools
    • Ongoing maintenance and repairs to school buildings throughout the district
  • Student, staff, and school technology
    • Funding for all students to have Chromebooks for learning
    • Improving classroom technology, including replacing outdated projectors with interactive digital screens
    • Maintaining our investment in technology replacements and support for the district’s computers and overall systems.
  • Equitable access to resources for students across our district
    • Making additions to David Wolfe Elementary and Suquamish Elementary helps create equitable access to programming and updated learning spaces for all students in our district
    • Possible addition at Poulsbo Middle School to remove aging portables and add classrooms to connect buildings, which will improve safety
  • Future-focused planning
    • Purchase of property serving Poulsbo to plan for growth at the elementary level
    • School building and facilities engineering and design plan to help anticipate district growth and future building needs.

For more information on the Educational Programs and Operation Levy, visit 2022 EPO Levy - North Kitsap School District (nkschools.org)