NKSD Board Goals for 2022-2023

Goal 1:
Direct and support the Superintendent to ensure the long-term financial stability and financial sustainability of the North Kitsap School District.
This is a paramount duty as stewards of the district budget and resources. It is critical to spend funds accurately to address shortfalls, continue to fulfill capital levy promises, and meet payroll needs for adequate staffing. (Monthly Budget Status Reports provide up to date charts and information regarding budget revenues, budget expenditures, and student enrollment detail.)

Goal 2:
Direct and support the Superintendent to ensure implementation efforts for the Strategic Plan, with a focus on improving instructional effectiveness systemwide in every school, every day.
This is critical to meet the goals in the North Kitsap School District Mission, Vision, and Core Values. (Agenda action items indicate connections to the Strategic Plan.)

Goal 3:
Direct and support the Superintendent to ensure that student academic success and social-emotional well-being during the ongoing COVID crisis is addressed.

North Kitsap School District must meet the needs of every student, our reason for being here. It has been challenging and stressful for all and it is important that our students are safe and well so that they can learn and grow. (School Connections meetings provide the schools an opportunity to showcase how well their student are doing.)

Vision, Mission, and Core Values

District Strategic Plan