5th Grade

      Storyboard That
Are these websites reliable?

Endangered Earth

World Wildlife Fund: About Our Earth

Kids’ Planet: Species Fact Sheets

Wikipedia: Endangered Species

Earth’s Endangered Creatures

Save the Rennets

Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

The Jackalope Conspiracy

Library Game
                                                                                                 Link to Fakebook


1. Camp Life During the Civil War. 1998. 20 June 2010 http://www.kidport.com/reflib/usahistory/CivilWar/CampLife.htm.

  • Learn about housing and meals.


2.  The History Place - US Civil War 1861-1865. 1996. 20 June 2010 http://www.historyplace.com/civilwar/.

  • Timeline: Read brief entries of events between 1860 and 1865.


3.  Hospitals of the Civil War. 20 June 2010 http://www.kidport.com/reflib/usahistory/CivilWar/Hospitals.htm.

  • Learn how surgeons took care of the sick and wounded.


4.  Life of a Soldier During the Civil War. 20 June 2010 http://www.kidport.com/reflib/usahistory/CivilWar/Life.htm.

  • See photos and read text to learn how soldiers spent their time.

Letters (Primary Sources)

Click the links to read letters from real soldiers during the Civil War.

"My Precious Loulie." Love Letters of the Civil War 

Letters Home from the Civil War 

Brainpop Video - Watch this animated video for background information about the Civil War. 


Book talks

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Colonization Brochure

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Media Literacy

Believe it or not!  Take this online quiz to see if you can tell fact from fiction.

What's in the shopping bag?  Look at the packaging and see if you can tell what's inside

Food advertising tricks.  See how food stylists make food look so good in ads.

Privacy Playground: The First Adventure of the Three Cyberpigs

Cybersense and Nonsense: The Second Adventure of the Three Cyberpigs.

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Newspaper article template

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Parts of Government

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States Brochure Template

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Website Evaluation

Can you tell truth from nonsense on the web? Look at the Website Evaluation Checklist, below, then take a look at the websites.