About Me
 I grew up on a sheep farm in upstate NY and have lived all over the US, in England, and the Dominican Republic. My first degree was in art, which qualified me to do nothing specific, so I had opportunities to work a variety of jobs ranging from cooking on a tall ship schooner to working as a computer analyst at a large corporation. I married my husband, Luis, 15 years ago in Chicago and had 2 children - Gabriel, who is a 4th grader at Poulsbo Elementary and Lucia, who is at the preschool here.
Last year, I was so very lucky to student teach with Stacy Loverich in first grade as I completed my masters in teaching from Western Governors University; and, this year I am delighted to be the Technology Specialist Teacher! I look forward to sharing my knowledge of technology and computers with the students here at Poulsbo El, as well as, continuing to learn about new technologies from organizations like Code.org and the students as we develop our learning community based out of the computer lab.