PTSA Meeting Minutes 2014/2015

Meeting was called to order at 4:07 by Dawn Pryde
Secretary's report-by Christina Faunce, read and approved
Treasurer's report-Katie Vavrinec- read and approved
Carene Behrens- Current laminator is malfunctioning and we need a new one. a new one would be $1027.92. Mrs. Pixton will submit a TSR to the district asking for a replacement. We will re visit this.
Committee chair reports-
Assemblies-looking into hiring "the reptile man" to host an assembly, K-3 Assembly-Red Shoe Show April 15
Nominating committee-Debbie Beggs-elections will be next month. We have a potential vice president and secretary for next year so far.
New Business-
Mr. Korsak (5th grade teacher) asking for funding for a curriculum for next year ($500) 3 sets C.I.A. Mr. Webb motioned to fund- 16 in favor, 0 opposed. Mr. Korsak presented possibly using a curriculum for next year- $400 for one year for 30 kids for a science and social studies curriculum for the 5th grade, per Mr. Korsak, we have no social studies or science curriculum. This will be added the to budget committee to discuss.
Kelly Ashley- Girl Scouts made and delivered bins on wheels for lunch room
Budget committee- Ann Rhoads, we would like to have next year's budget approved by the next meeting.
Art program-Brooke Hammett-auction was a huge success. The program would like auction funds to purchase document camera and projector for art room. Estimated cost is $200-$500 for each item. This will be discussed further at the next month as more details are looked into for actual price.
Meeting adjourned at 5:01 by Dawn Pryde

PTSA Board Meeting February 2015

PTSA Board Meeting
February 6, 2015

Meeting called to order at 3:50 by Ann Rhoads
8 of 14 members present for quorum
Purpose of meeting- to vote on increasing Spring Auction funds and to reallocate funds.
Motion made by Melissa Rogers to allocate and additional $3500 to auction expenses and to increase auction revenue by $3500, motion second by Dawn Pryde.
8 in favor, 0 opposed
Meeting adjourned at 3:55 by Ann Rhoads

PTSA Board Meeting Minutes November 2014

Poulsbo Elementary PTSA Board Meeting
November 12, 2014
Meeting called to order at 3:12 by Ann Rhoads.
Treasurers report read by Katie Vavrinec, profit is over budget by $1800 even though attendance was down. Profit on Jog-A-Thon was up by $5000 from last year. We are expecting a check from box tops at the first of the year. The fourth grade spent $364 on books. Treasurer's report is accepted, no amendments.
Items for review by Ann Rhoads-
PTSA office will receive a computer, no turkey bingo (remove from Facebook), UKO fundraiser for January is a go, Holiday House needs volunteers, Catch A Kid Reading will be in February, Teacher Appreciation Luncheon will be Thursday November 20, 2014, Debbie Beggs will represent our PTSA at the PTSA Council meeting at the Rec center on November 16, 2014, for Jog-A-Thon, we would like to have something like "average lap run was...", Our Fall Festival flyer was not descriptive enough (consider more details next time), Spring Auction Meeting will be Monday November 17, 2014 at Paella Bar in Downtown Poulsbo, childcare for the night of the auction will be offered and volunteers are needed
New Business-
Yo-Gi's fund raiser will not happen this year
We will look for interest in a "Fill The Bus" that will benefit Fishline
Meeting adjourned at 4:17 by Ann Rhoads

March 2015 PTSA General Membership Meeting Minutes

Poulsbo Elementary General Membership Meeting
March 10, 2015
Meeting was called to order at 4pm by Dawn Pryde.
Treasurer’s Report- read and approved into records, Robert Webb motion, Jenn Morgan second, 13 in favor, 0 opposed.
Mid-Financial review budget meeting-we need copies of contracts for “we care sports” and auction, file old binders for financial review.
Reading assembly with Alex Zerbe, family friendly, on March 17, 2015
Teacher appreciation shoe box lunch will be Thursday April 1, 2015
New Business-
$1000 for new lunch bucket tubs to be built by Girl Scouts
Mr. Webb motioned to allocate lunch room money of $100 for PTSA lunch account to replace existing emergency lunch. Mrs. Tallon second. 12 in favor, 0 opposed.
Librarian is requesting a line in the budget for allocating future library expenses $4785.39 to pay current book covers and replace books. Barb Pixton motioned to pay for it, Taunya Koful, second. 12 in favor, 0 opposed.
Motion to transfer money from author’s visit to Olympic College writers day by Mr. Webb, Taunya Koful second. 11 in favor, 0 opposed.
Meeting adjourned at 5:01

January 2014 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Poulsbo Elementary General Membership Meeting Minutes
January 13, 2015

Meeting was called to order by Ann Rhoads at 4:06pm.
Meeting notifications were posted on the reader board, Facebook and website. A quorum was present.
Secretary’s report was ready by Christina Faunce and was approved into records.
Treasurer's report was read by Kative Vavrinec- We got our box top check in December, cumulatively for the year, we have earned $1400. We get 2 per year. See attached budget report. Popcorn sales program is making money. Katie Vavrinec has done research on choosing a new bank, 3 were looked into. Liberty Bay bank offers a nonprofit checking account that earns the most interest in comparison with the other banks that were called. Debbie Beggs motioned to move to Liberty Bay bank Taunya Kofol second, 13 in favor, 0 opposed. That change will begin to happen right away. Report accepted into records.
Committee chair reports-
Reflections (art competition) -given by Debbie Beggs. We only had two entries. Rather than sending them in, we will purchase participation ribbons. Efforts will be made to encourage more participation next year.
Financial review-given by Debbie Beggs- needs 2 volunteers to create the committee. Taunya Koful and Brooke Hammet volunteered to work with Debbie Beggs on the review.
Nominating committee- Debbie Beggs needs 2 volunteers to work with her. This person would help recruit people for committees/board positions throughout the year. This was posted on Facebook.
Teacher appreciation- January 292015, Living Well on Bainbridge Island will be offering chair massages to staff.
Family Fun Night- “We Care Sports” on January 26, 2015 to be held during students' specialist time as well as a 6pm occasion that evening.
Spring dance- Theme and date will be researched by Ann Rhoads.
Spring Auction Meeting will be held immediately following this meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 4:48 by Ann Rhoads

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