Board Position Descriptions

Poulsbo Elementary PTSA Positions 

Executive Positions 

Title Description 

Time Commitment 



Works closely with the board, committee coordinators, Principal and office staff throughout the year. Represents the PTSA at school events and committee meetings. Oversees the PTSA calendar and adherence to bylaws & procedures. Runs the PTSA meetings. Does weekly deposit. 

Average time is 1-8 hours per week. Busy weeks can be up to 15 hours per week. Attends meetings. 



The president’s “right-hand”. Helps perform duties of president and acts as president when the president is unable to his/her duties. Does the facility requests for each event. Coordinates assemblies (usually two per year). 

1-6 hours per week. Busy weeks can be up to 10 hours per week. Attends meetings. 


Collaborate with the executive board to generate the annual PTSA budget. Prepare the annual audit and tax return. Pay bills and reimbursements as required. Helps record incoming funds. Oversee ongoing PTA finances, ensure adherence to approved PTA budget. Prepare and present budget report for each PTA general meeting. 

4-8 hours per month. Busy times would be when filing taxes and preparing for the financial review. Attends meetings.  


Takes notes and attendance at each general and board meeting. Posts minutes to webpage. Updates webpage. In charge of reader board messages if no communication coordinator.  

6-8 hours per month. Attends meetings. 



Communicates current events within the district to the general members. Keep current on legislative news from WA State and report to general members. 

1-3 hours per week. Attends meetings. 

Other Positions 

Title Description 

Time Commitment 



Prepares volunteer sign-up sheet on paper or on line in the fall, collates the information received and distributes to president and committee chairs. Works with committee coordinators throughout the year to gather volunteers for each event. 

Depending upon event, 1-6 hours total per event. 

Membership Coordinator(s) 

Promotes membership in fall and winter. Records the incoming dues. Distributes membership cards. Prepares reports three times a year for dues payment. Reports information to the president. 

1-3 hours per week in the fall. 1 hour per week in the winter. Then time tapers off. 

Communication Coordinator(s) 

Communicates PTSA and some district information to parents and school staff through use of list serve, newsletter, PTSA Facebook page, reader board and flyers. Email out weekly bullets of upcoming events. Prepare a ½-page calendar with 1-3 months of activities advertised.   

1-3 hours per week.  

Newsletters Coordinator(s) 

Gather information from specific PTSA members and create a monthly or every-other-month newsletter and have it posted to the webpage. Have a hard copy made for our bulletin board. 

2-4 hours per month. 

Financial Review Coordinator(s) 

Performs semiannual audits (January and August). Reports to the PTA Board and Association and forwards audit report with financial statements to District. Performs monthly bank statement audit. 

8-10 hours twice a year 

Nominating Committee Coordinator(s) 

Gets committee together to review names of those volunteering for elected positions. Attends March’s general meeting (or whichever meeting holds elections) and reads guidelines on who to nominate for the following year’s elected board positions. 

2 hours the week of elections (usually in March). Attends general meeting that holds elections. 

Fundraising Coordinator(s) 

Works with PTSA board and local companies to come up with fundraising ideas for the school in addition to the big fundraisers listed in events below. 

1-4 hours per month 

Teacher Appreciation Coordinator(s)  

Gathers contacts from volunteer coordinator of those willing to help out. Communicates theme for the teachers’ lunch or breakfast of the month. Coordinates getting dishes to the school and back to the volunteers. 

2-3 hours each month 

Shoe Box Lunch Coordinator(s) 

Sometimes the Teacher Appreciation coordinator does this task if no one else signs up. This coordinator arranges for teachers and staff to fill out a lunch form, and finds volunteers to make the lunch for the teachers during the spring conferences in March. 

4-5 hours in March 

Spirit Wear Coordinator(s) 

Coordinates sales in the fall and spring. Produces flyers. Works with communication coordinator to distribute flyers with other flyers. Helps record funds that come in for sales. Distributes items to buyers. 

3-6 hours per week during fall and spring sales 

Reflections Coordinator(s) 

(Oct – Jan, and Apr) Advertises Reflections Program. Encourages children to participate. Finds group to help judge entries. Puts qualified entries into system and moves on to council or state. In April announces all entries and any winners. 

2-4 hours per week. 

Box Tops Coordinator(s) 

Coordinates the collection and mailing in of the Box Tops. Can get creative by having contests. 

1-3 hours per month. 

Campbell’s Labels Coordinator(s)  

Coordinates the collection and mailing in of the labels. Communicates the point totals to the general members and suggests how to spend those points. 

1-3 hours per month. 

Yearbook Coordinator  

Gather pictures throughout the year. Work at home on Microsoft Publisher. Communicate with Principal, PTSA committee chairs and yearbook company to produce, sell and distribute yearbooks. 

2-6 hours per week from Feb – June. 

Busy time during final layout and distribution of yearbooks. 

Event Positions 

Title Description 

Time Commitment 

Walk/Jog-A-Thon Coordinators 



(Aug – Oct) The event coordinator organizes everything that happens outside during the event. The business/financial coordinator organizes the funds coming in and the process indoors during the event. Both coordinators hold committee meetings to plan and prepare before, during and after the event. Work with volunteer coordinator for committee members and volunteers. Help record funds coming in before the event. 

1-8 hours per week for August – October. Day of the event plan to be there all day. 

Fall Festival Coordinator(s) 

(Sep – Oct) Works with volunteer coordinator to get helpers. Helps record funds coming in before the event. Reviews binder for steps leading up to and during event. Oversees flyers, volunteers, games, and refreshments provided. 

2-6 hours per week up to the event. 6-8 hours on event day. This event is usually held the Friday evening before fall conferences.  

Holiday Shoppe Coordinator(s) 

Oct – Dec Produce and print flyers advertising event. Collect donations starting in Nov. Coordinate with teachers a time for their class to shop. Set up tables and items for sales in designated area. Break down and clean up after event. 

2-6 hours per week. The week of the event could be up to 6-7 hours a day. 


Family Fun Nights Coordinator(s) 

Plans and prepares for fun events throughout the year. Past successful events include an 80’s dance, BINGO Night, Hot Cocoa/Reading Night, sporting event (local or national) and a Sock Hop. Coordinators may plan 4 events per year or one event a month. Work with volunteer coordinator to get your volunteers. 

2-8 hours of planning and preparing per event 

Art Walk or Auction Coordinators 




(Jan – May) Event coordinator works with art docents to make sure each student has an individual art and each class has a collaborative art to sell. Also oversees the entire event. Business coordinator oversees recording of all sales and check-out process. Food coordinator makes sure refreshments are within school/PTA guidelines and prepares the tables and display for the day of the event.  

Jan – Mar about 1-3 hours a week.  

Apr – May about 4-8 hours a week. 

Day before and day of the event about 8 hours each day. 


Catch-A-Kid Reading Coordinator(s) 

Creates flyers. Gathers teachers and parents willing to call kids and “catch” them reading. Posts results of kids caught reading on a wall in the school. 

2-4 hours a week per event 



(March) Communicate with teacher coordinating with COTN times and date volunteers are needed. Find volunteers. 

1-2 hours per week. 1-7 hours volunteer time the day of, depending upon number of volunteers. 


Looking for people willing to start new traditions at our school and fill in these titles: 


Dad’s Club Coordinator 

Web Master 



Science Fair Coordinator 

Got other ideas? – Share them with the board! 

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