Family Strong Blueprint

WANT TO JOIN us in positive family growth? IT’S SIMPLE!
May 1, 2020

Dear Orca Parents:

I am so excited to offer your family a fun, practical opportunity during remote learning. The Family Strong Blueprint has made available a free online mini-course specifically for our Orca families during COVID-19 to support children, teens and parents during this difficult season.

The Family Strong Blueprint provides social emotional tools and strategies known to increase resilience in adversity. We know that now more than ever, taking care of our family’s emotional and relational well-being matters. WANT TO JOIN us in positive family growth? IT’S SIMPLE! STEP ONE – ENROLL!

Enroll in the 4 week, free mini-course today: The Family Strong Blueprint MiniCourse • Click here to see an overview of the course and have the option to enroll. • Create a free Teachable account (2 very simple steps). • The course is user friendly and lessons are simple and easy to follow. • Lessons are updated weekly for school wide participation on Fridays (Lesson 1 begins Friday, May 8 th). • Lessons only take about 10 minutes to complete and are appropriate for students of all ages, as parents can adjust the concepts as needed. Finally, please join me in this school wide campaign! Post videos and photos of your family strong moments #familystrongfridays. Sincerely, Katie Brase, Counselor Poulsbo Elementary School For more info: @familystrongblueprint – IG // The Family Strong Blueprint -FB