5th Grade
The language of the next generation.

February:  5th graders will be continuing with a Digital Citizenship course they began last year in the library with Mrs. Mann. The course at http://www.digitalpassport.org teaches students about cyber bullying, internet keyword searches, and siting sources in a fun and engaging way.


November:  5th grade students have completed their autobiographical PowerPoints and experimented with the website www.blabberize.com. Ask them to show you how to make a Blabber!


Beginning in December, we will begin CODING! Each student will work on courses on www.code.org. They can access their accounts at the sites below:


 Check out student coding designs here: /staff_sites/kessler__laura_-_technology/coding_creations__/5th_grade


Mrs. McKibben's class:



Mrs. Tallon's class:



Mr. Hickam's Class:  



Mr. Korsak's Class:  



Students will need to know their password to access their accounts.


Interested in more coding options? Try the sites below and use their Hour of Code links to practice without an account.