3rd Grade
Coding is the language of the future!

February: 3rd graders will spend a few classes preparing for the SBAC and getting more typing practice with Type to Learn 4. Although this is a software program and is not available online, students may practice at home with the typing games on my website. If your students are practicing at home, remind them to keep their hands on the home row! They'll know exactly what to do :)


November:  3rd grade students have made great progress with Type to Learn 4.  They put their skills to practice as they learned to use Microsoft Word to write a formatted essay.


Beginning in December, we will begin CODING! Each student will work on courses on www.code.org. They can access their accounts at the sites below:

 Check out student coding projects here: 



Miss Bossert's class:



Mrs. Grephenreed's class:



Mrs. Syverson's Class:  



Mrs. Zeringer's Class:



Students will need to know their password to access their accounts.


Interested in more coding options? Try the sites below and use their Hour of Code links to practice without an account.