3D Printer

    Here are some spinning tops for the Kinders' unit on motion:

    spinning tops

    And - drum roll, please....here is our first student work! Congratulations to Brendan for designing our first chess piece :) 

    brendan chess piece

    March 2016 - The Dremel Idea Builder is here thanks to the Poulsbo Elementary ASB! We have printed some samples and they look great. Shortly, 5th graders will begin designing chess pieces for a chess set for the rainy day cart to be used by the whole school. 

    5th graders may click on the link below and enter the class corresponding class code for their class to sign up for Tinkercad. Click on "Join your class with a code"

    This is a great 3D design program with simple lessons. I can't wait to see the creations!




    Mrs. McKibben - DAPD-CN3H

    Mr. Korsak - 2BNH-XL2T

    Mrs. Tallon - P38J-4P4A

    Mr. Hickam - 0B7N-MEV4





    Do you have an idea for the 3D Printer??

    Posted by Laura Kessler at 3/8/2016 3:45:00 PM

We are ready to order the 3D printer, thanks to ASB and their fundraising! Do you have an idea for a project for the 3D printer? Feel free to email me at lkessler@nkschools.org with your thoughts. Check out the websites below for incredible ideas:




We will need to print some samples to get it running and will then explore ideas for each classroom. I am thinking math manipulatives, history artifacts, or other similar objects that could be utilized by an entire class.