1st Grade
Coding is the language of the future!

Here's another favorite - spot the hidden object:


May: 1st graders are getting their first experience with designing in 3D.  Students can continue building with virtual Legos at the following link:




February: 1st graders will begin using Dance Mat typing. This is a fun program that reinforces proper hand placement on the keyboard and can be accessed online at http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/z3c6tfr.


November:  1st graders have been practicing using the mouse and becoming familiar with the keyboard through programs like Paint and online typing games. Some of their favorite typing games can be found at the links below:


Keyboard Zoo

One Good Knight

Find the Letter

Cup Stacking

Key Seeker


Beginning in December, we will begin CODING! Each student will work on courses on www.code.org. They can access their accounts at the sites below:


Mrs. Loverich's class:



Mrs. Krantz's class:



Mrs. Harney's Class:  



Mrs. Smallbeck's Class:  



Students will need to know their password to access their accounts.


Interested in more coding options? Try the sites below and use their Hour of Code links to practice without an account.